Jordi SavallThe Routes of Slavery

November 1, 2018  ·  Zellerbach Theatre

Philadelphia Premiere // Philadelphia Debut // Philadelphians Series

In this Philadelphia premiere, Grammy® Award-winning early music interpreter Jordi Savall performs in Philadelphia for the first time. Joined by artists representing Europe, Africa and the Americas, he explores the music through which enslaved peoples forged a sense of community, preserved their own humanity and found a way to endure. Accompanied by historical texts on slavery, this musical memoir honors their journeys through the musical legacy they left, aiming to illuminate both the cruelest depths and extraordinary resilience of the human spirit.

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Guest artists include:
Ballake Sissoko, Rajery, Driss el Maloumi, Maria Juliana Figueredo Linhares, Adriana Fernández, Iván García
La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Tembembe Ensamble Continuo
Hespèrion XXI


  • Thursday, November 1 @ 7:30 PM


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Photo credits:
1-2: Clarie Xavier
3: Courtesy Jordi Savall