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Joan La BarbaraVoice is the Original Instrument

September 28, 2017  ·  Bruce Montgomery Theatre


Joan La Barbara shows what the human voice can do, and then takes it a step further. A renowned composer, performer, sound artist and actor, La Barbara expands the breadth of expression and technique through her unique vocabulary of experimental and extended vocal methods. She’s been an influence for generations of composers and singers; now experience her astounding vocal talent live.


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Extended Vocality: Joan La Barbara?s Original Instrument
7 PM

Circular breathing, multiphonics, guttural clicks, trills, hoots, hollers, whispers, sighs, squeaks, and singing with and without words comprise Joan La Barbara?s vast vocal practice as part of the program Voice is the Original Instrument. Join Maria Murphy, Ph.D. candidate in musicology at the University of Pennsylvania, for a pre-concert talk on the nuances of Joan La Barbara?s extended vocal techniques and an exploration of voice as a primary medium of expression, from the utterance to the song.

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This event is co-presented by the University of Pennsylvania?s Department of Music and Annenberg Center Live.