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Celebrate the Great Women of Blues & Jazz

March 12, 2016  ·  Zellerbach Theatre


A musical tribute to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and other female pioneers of jazz. This collective of New York’s best singers and musicians honors their musical mothers in an evening of beloved jazz standards and blues hits. Directed by Toshi Reagon and Allison Miller, celebrate the women whose immense talent and unbreakable spirit shaped the future of jazz and blues.

Music Directors: Toshi Reagon (Vocals, Guitar), Allison Miller (Drums)

Host: Liza Jessie Peterson

Vocalists: Christelle Durandy, Karma Mayet Johnson, Tamar-kali, Josette Newsam Marchak, Mem Nhadr

Band: Mayra Casales (Percussion), Ingrid Jensen (Trumpet), Reut Regeve (Trombone), Linda Oh (Bass), Alex Nolan (Guitar), Rachel Eckroth (Piano)

Dancer: Michelle Dorrance


  • Saturday, March 12 @ 8 PM


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Join us at 7 PM for a pre-show talk about the influence of women in blues and jazz featuring creator/director/performer Toshi Reagon, director/drummer Allison Miller and host Liza Jessie Peterson. The talk will be moderated by Valerie Gay, Executive Director of Art Sanctuary.

Click here to listen to this pre-show talk!

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Media support for this 15/16 jazz performance provided by WRTI.

Photo credit: Takako Harkness Photography