BodyVox's Water Bodies one of the "season highlights on this year’s dance calendar"

October 23, 2009

BodyVox @ The Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Posted by Deni Krasel for

October 22, 2009

Having created an eerie dance work featuring a woman suspended in a fabric tornado as well as a hilarious “tragic ballet” between a man and a giant John Deere earth mover (set to the music of Saint-Saëns “Dying Swan”), it’s surely an understatement to say that BodyVox has a flair for the dramatic. You don’t need to know anything about dance to understand what they’re getting at.

BodyVox loves to play with props and real-life elements. They push that penchant to the limit with Water Bodies, which dives into all things wet and wild. The full-length production is said to present water as the source of both fun and disaster (just like in real life).

Who knows exactly what they’ve got up their sleeves here. Whatever it is, you know it will be immersed in creative theatrics and tons of tomfoolery.

And while it’s early in the season, I’m betting Water Bodies is one of the season highlights on this year’s dance calendar.